As we reach the end of Medica 2016, our product specialists and sales partners are returning to the UK armed with new ideas and excitement about new business relationships. This year’s Medica has been our busiest year yet on the stand in Hall 10 and we spoke to more delegates than ever before.

“This year’s highlight at Medica was our new ‘scope transport and storage system; the Hibern8” explains Rob Hartley, Director. “A compact system designed to process ‘scopes in less than 90 seconds, the Hibern8 will maintain the microbiological quality of endoscopes after removal from an endoscope washer disinfector. ‘Scopes are loaded into impermeable bags then the Hibern8 removes the air from the ‘scope, replacing with bactericidal gas. The bag is then filled with ‘soft gas’ and automatically sealed. This means the endoscope can be stored until needed” he goes on to explain.

Endoscopy distributors have been able to see the Hibern8 during Medica this year in addition to our full range of endoscopy consumables.

Partnership Medical are looking for new distributors in currently unallocated territory around the world and will be happy to hear from any interested businesses. Please contact us and we can discuss available opportunities.

If you are one of the distributors who we saw at Medica, you will be receiving an email shortly with some further information, so please check your email account or contact us in the meantime.